Supper Club

Meets monthly every first Wednesday


The Firends Club is an informal group of like-minded people that meet once a month. The menu is planned by Choon, the restaurant owner, which means that it is a wonderful opportunity to try new and exciting dishes not always on the menu. This is a chance to enjoy authentic Malaysian food and hospitality with friends.

Joyce and I have been eating at Hakalok for many years. We had both lost good friends fairly recently, and know what it is like to be lonely sometimes.

We started thinking about other single people who may find it hard to venture out on their own, especially to eat out, and came up with the idea of a Supper Club, where single people could come and meet with others, and enjoy the wonderful food at Hakalok.

We spoke to Choon who thought that it was a great idea, so the idea became a reality. We decided to meet monthly on the first Wednesday, Choon plans a different menu at a very reasonable set price, for each meeting.

We have been meeting for a year now, and have about 20 members. It is a good place to meet and make new friends.